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  • The Silesian-Lesser Poland Hydrogen Valley Association was registered in the National Court Register (KRS)

    The Silesian-Lesser Poland Hydrogen Valley Association, which was founded in Katowice, received its founding act from the National Court Register on 12 July this year. Thus, Silesian-Lesser Poland Hydrogen Valley which was launched on 31 January 2022 at the Silesian Museum in Katowice on the initiative of AID Jsc. was officially opened.

    It was founded by individuals associated with self-government, universities, fuel and energy companies.

    Mr. Mirosław Skibski, Head of Department of the Industrial Development Agency, was appointed Chairman of the Silesian-Lesser Poland Hydrogen Valley Association.

    The board also consists of the rectors of the University of Science and Technology ( AGH) and of Silesian Technical University, as well as representatives of companies such as Orlen Południe and Polenergia.

    The members will work together to establish hydrogen as a future fuel in both the transport and energy sectors. The aim of the association is to promote the development of the hydrogen industry and to establish a branch of the Silesian-Lesser Polish hydrogen industry based on the production of hydrogen by electrolysis process with the utilisation of the renewable energy plants and its use in the power generators, including heat industry, transport, infrastructure, and others branch of industry.

    The Polish Hydrogen Strategy for 2030 assumes the creation of five hydrogen valleys in Poland, of which four have already started their activities (including the Subcarpathian, Masovian, Silesian-Lesser Poland Hydrogen Valley). The Polish innovation ecosystem of the Hydrogen Valleys is intended to include innovative industrial projects, large-scale multi-annual investment projects implemented in specific areas. The main objective of the Polish Hydrogen Strategy is to maximize the share of hydrogen technologies in the processes of achieving climate neutrality and increasing the competitiveness of the Polish economy.

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    The valleys are intended to promote local innovation and investment in the production, storage, transport and implementation of hydrogen solutions. Under the EU partnership, the Polish valleys are to be integrated into the European Hydrogen Ecosystem.

    The National Reconstruction Plan (KPO) assumes that EUR 880 million will be allocated to investments by 2026 in hydrogen technologies, among others production, storage and transport of hydrogen.

    Support for hydrogen investments is also envisaged under European programs (including the IPCEI mechanism) and national programs organized, by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management ( NFOŚ I GW) and the National Centre for Research and Development ( NCBiR)

    Last December, the Vice President of the ARP S. A. Paweł Kolczyński announced that Katowice would become the centre of cooperation of the Polish Hydrogen Valleys within the cluster.

    A Hydrogen Congress is also planned for the second half of this year in the capital of Silesian Voivodeship. In December 2021, the Katowice branch of the IDA (ARP S.A) launched an informative hydrogen portal, h2poland.eu, launched the hydrogen information portal h2poland.eu, which aims to promote knowledge of the hydrogen industry in Poland and around the world.

    Work on the establishment of the Silesian-Lesser Poland-Hydrogen Valley Association was coordinated by the Katowice branch of the Industrial Development Agency (ARP S.A).