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  • EUR 2.4 billion for Silesia and western Lesser Poland (Małopolska)

    The European Commission today adopted all five Polish Operational Programmes together with the Territorial Just Transition Plans (TJTP). The TJTPs, worth more than EUR 3.85 billion under the Fund for Just Transition (FST), concern support for a just climate transition in the coal regions of Silesia, Lesser Poland, (Małopolska) Greater Poland (Wielkopolska), Lower Silesia ( Dolnego Śląska) and Łódź Province.

    EUR 2.4 billion for Silesia and western Lesser Poland (Małopolska)

    The fund will support in particular:

    • local economic diversification by investing in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in renewable energy, clean mobility, and other green sectors
    • Reclamation and decontamination of 2,800 hectares of post-mining areas to restore environmental damage caused by mining activities
    • energy efficiency of public utility buildings and flats, e.g., heat pumps in Western Lesser Poland (Małopolska)
    • training 100,000 workers, many of whom are currently working in the fossil fuel sector and equipping them with the new skills needed to work in renewable and climate-neutral industries.

    EUR 415 million for Greater Poland (Wielkopolska)

    objectives of the Fund:

    • a plan to phase out lignite mining and lignite-fired power plants
    • reclamation of a degraded area to focus on renewable energy production, including the green hydrogen production
    • support for the development of a closed-loop economy and investments in increasing energy efficiency by insulating buildings
    • training and retraining of 5,500 lignite industry employees.

    EUR 581.5 million for Lower Silesia ( Dolnego Śląska)

    The fund will invest in:

    • diversification of the local economy through the creation of new SMEs and start-ups, especially in green sectors
    • Creating 1000 new green jobs in carbon-neutral sectors and in local educational infrastructure.
    • renewable energy sources such as solar power, replacement of outdated boilers and better insulation of buildings.

    EUR 369.5 million for Łódź Province will support:

    • Investment in new business infrastructure for local SMEs and research laboratories
    • energy efficiency and use of renewable energy
    • employees currently employed at the Bełchatów Power Plant and in the mining and related sectors. These workers will be trained in new skills to be ready for new green jobs
    • Decarbonizing local transportation, such as by investing in new electric buses.

    The Commission approved the partnership agreement with Poland in June 2022. The TJTPs, developed in close consultation with local partners, identify challenges and development needs in each territory and targets to be achieved by 2030. They also identify planned activities with specific management mechanisms. The approval of territorial just transition plans paves the way for special funding under the other two pillars of the Just Transition Mechanism: the Invest EU Just Transition Scheme and the Public Sector Lending Facility, which combines Commission grants with European Investment Bank loans.