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    Polish hydrogen cell - what are the perspectives?
    One of the most promising areas for the use of hydrogen is in transport. Existing solutions, such as battery technology, have their limitations, especially in the case of heavy transport, (more...)
    Hydrogen - an ecological and economical
    The initial phase of implementing a modern technology is usually associated with quite significant costs due to the lack of instruments to scale the innovation. However, according to analyses of the (more...)
    Hydrogen for the long haul
    Various alternative propulsion technologies are available on the market, but according to a report by Zespół Doradców Gospodarczych TOR, within the next decade the total cost of ownership (TCO) of (more...)
    Are we at the threshold of Polish innovation in the automotive sector?
    For the time being, companies active in the field of hydrogen technology development in Poland are dominated by large players with international ambitions, such as PKN Orlen or Pesa Bydgoszcz. (more...)
    Green, blue or turquoise? What do these colours mean?
    Although many engineers will grumble at the attribution of colour to this colourless gas, this simplified typology is used to show the source. The most common method of obtaining the gas is steam (more...)
    Ready for hydrogen, that is Polish way for transsition period
    Hydrogen in transport is not a new technology, but a barrier to its implementation in Poland may currently be the high cost of purchasing rolling stock and the lack of filling stations. A (more...)
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