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    Tractor running on hydrogen
    The national media have been abuzz with the news of an enterprising farmer who 'converted his tractor to run on water and runs on hydrogen'. On the one hand, huge international corporations are (more...)
    Is there any hydrogen on board?
    Sceptics of hydrogen technology mistakenly associate the use of this fuel in air transport with the Hindenburg airship disaster. Meanwhile, the most advanced and best-proven area of hydrogen use is (more...)
    Vessels propelled by hydrogen are a chance for environment
    In the battle for the top spot for the most polluting vehicles on the Old Continent, it is ships that take pride of place. A report published by the European Environment Agency and the European (more...)
    Hydrogen trams and special vehicles
    Hydrogen technologies are being implemented worldwide in many areas, but transport remains the most prominent. In Poland, there is a growing momentum in the process of implementing hydrogen (more...)
    Trolleybuses from Poland change public transport in Riga
    The Polish-Spanish Solaris is one of the first companies to bet on a line of low- and zero-emission buses. On the order of Latvian public transport operator Rigas satiksme Solaris delivered a special (more...)
    Are we at the threshold of Polish innovation in the automotive sector?
    For the time being, companies active in the field of hydrogen technology development in Poland are dominated by large players with international ambitions, such as PKN Orlen or Pesa Bydgoszcz. (more...)
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