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    As part of the actions to promote the development of low-emission solutions, including the hydrogen questions, the construction of a hydrogen portal as a tool for knowledge communication on hydrogen issues has been started. This will be two-way instrument targeted at wide range of both Polish and foreign stakeholders. The portal is available at www.h2poland.eu.

    According to the concept, the portal has a popular and educational character in the field of hydrogen economy in Poland and the world. The portal should also have a concrete dimension and thus contribute to the transformation of the European and global network of different sectors.

    Considering the changes currently taking place consisting in the departure from conventional fuels, the hydrogen portal presents information on the entire value chain: transport, production, transmission, storage and use of hydrogen. The portal also aims to disseminate the technological, scientific and research potential of innovative hydrogen technologies, i.e. it also contains information about:

    • companies involved in the value chain,
    • thematic initiatives (hydrogen valleys, clusters),
    • statistics
    • news, legislation, studies, reports, possible forms of subsidies and competitions, etc.

    The ambition of the portal's authors is to provide publications that will popularize to stakeholders such issues as modern hydrogen generation technologies, research processes and the current knowledge of the legislation

    The portal presents industry information, but is also a place for discussions about hydrogen, where speeches and interviews are published. The portal will include information on the ongoing monitoring of the topic of hydrogen use in terms of media coverage, legislative work or market development, as well as searching for important topics to be discussed on the Portal.

    Work on the portal began in the last quarter of 2021 and focused on developing the scope of the information presented, programming the Portal's graphic layout with infographics. The next step is to find the most up-to-date information and prepare the content for publication on the portal.

    The portal was launched in December 2021. We believe it will effectively contribute to the development of a low-emission economy and, consequently, support the business environment in the difficult process of decarbonizing the economy.