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    Walbrzych - three bids have been received for hydrogen buses
    The Road Transport and City Maintenance Authority in Walbrzych issued a tender for the supply of 20 hydrogen-powered electric buses in July (more...)
    Rybnik will receive 20 hydrogen buses
    The city of Rybnik, which is ranked 25th on the list of the largest cities in Poland and 8th in the Silesian Voivodeship, will buy 20 hydrogen (more...)
    Hydrogen for the long haul
    Various alternative propulsion technologies are available on the market, but according to a report by Zespół Doradców Gospodarczych TOR, within the next decade the total cost of ownership (TCO) of (more...)
    Polish patents for hydrogen buses
    Polish manufacturers are developing their own hydrogen bus designs. Service costs of such vehicles are lower than for analogous buses with diesel engines. Operation costs are also lower, as hydrogen (more...)
    First hydrogen vehicles in public communication in Poland
    Are currently popular electrobuses just a prelude to hydrogen buses? In Poland, Konin is currently paving the way for hydrogen-based public transport with an order for one vehicle, and more will soon (more...)
    New Green Order - hydrogen path to climate neutrality
    The European Union faces an ambitious task - achieving climate neutrality by 2050. In order to achieve this objective, both significant financial outlays and courageous action are (more...)
    Ready for hydrogen, that is Polish way for transsition period
    Hydrogen in transport is not a new technology, but a barrier to its implementation in Poland may currently be the high cost of purchasing rolling stock and the lack of filling stations. A (more...)
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