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  • “H2 Krosno” family hydrogen picnic in Naftowka school

    On 30 July 2022, the family science picnic “H2 Krosno” took place in the Ignacy-Lukasiewicz oil and gas school complex in Krosno. “Naftowka” because the school is commonly called, as the only one in Poland educating students in oil and gas professions, has organized a hydrogen science picnic for the second time. The idea behind the organized events is to popularize knowledge related to hydrogen as a fuel of the future and to build awareness about the market and opportunities for hydrogen use.

    During the picnic, one could, among others visit the bus of the laboratory of the Ignacy Lukasiewicz Foundation’s laboratory PGNiG “Being Like Ignacy”, participate of chemical test demonstrations presented by students of “Naftowka” school and students of the Rzeszow University of Technology and AGH University of Science and Technology, as well as attended lectures. Both hydrogen-related and geological exhibition were prepared. The youngest participants of the picnic were focused on games, plays, art contests and sports competitions. The participants experienced a lot of excitement and additional impressions in the flight simulator and parachute simulator as well as in workshops and demonstrations with VR (virtual reality) technology.


    The presented prototype of a hydrogen electrolyser developed by ML System and the prototype of a hydrogen-fuelled gas cooker constructed by the Oil and Gas Institute were of great interest to visitors.

    The picnic in “Nafowka” was honored by the presence of prominent guests, including politicians, representatives both of self-government and science units, as well as research and education centers.

    The involvement of teachers, lecturers, students, pupils, and other supporting persons was enormous, and the entire picnic was supervised by the organizer - the Director of Naftowka, Ms. Joanna Kubit.

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    Thanks to the Director Ms. J.Kubit, who invited sponsors and patrons, the picnic was organized at a high level of content and education. The main partners of the picnic were the following companies: Agency of Industry Development S. A. and PGNIG Technology S. A , with partners including the Rzeszow University of Technology, Sub-Carpathian Hydrogen Valley, AGH University of Science and Technology, the Integrated Qualification System, the Ignacy Lukasiewicz Museum of Oil and Gas Industry in Bobrka.