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  • Hydrogen refueling station in Rybnik nearing completion

    The station is being built at Budowlanych Street by the PAK-PCE STACJE H2 company, on land leased from the city, and will be open to the public, so in addition to hydrogen buses purchased by the City of Rybnik, it will be available to all users of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

    Below you can find photos from August 5, 2023 showing the progress of the work.

    PHOTO-2023-08-05-13-46-59 5
    PHOTO-2023-08-05-13-46-59 6
    PHOTO-2023-08-05-13-47-00 2
    PHOTO-2023-08-05-13-47-00 6
    PHOTO-2023-08-05-13-47-00 5