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  • The Subcarpathian Hydrogen Valley

    The Subcarpathian Hydrogen Valley Association is a non-governmental organisation bringing together representatives and entities from industry, business, science and higher education, as well as public administration, who share an interest in the development of widely understanding hydrogen technologies.

    The aim of the Subcarpathian Hydrogen Valley association is to support the development of the hydrogen economy and the intention to build a branch of the Subcarpathian hydrogen industry.


    Ordinary members of the Association include representatives of entities:

    • Industry Development Agency JSC
    • Rzeszów Univeristy of Technology named Ignacy Łukasiewicz
    • University of Rzeszów
    • Polenergia JSC
    • Polenergia Nowa Sarzyna Heating Plant Ltd
    • ML System JSC
    • Fibrain Ltd
    • Association of the Aviation Industry Entrepreneurs Group “Aviation Valley
    • Autosan Ltd.

    Among the Association's objectives are, in particular:

    • hydrogen production by hydrolysis using renewable energy sources
    • creating a business and technological environment, supporting business activities
    • organising and participating in a dialogue between counterparties in the hydrogen economy
    • improving the professional qualifications of members and supporters of the Association's activities
    • being active in environmental protection
    • carrying out research and development work
    • creating educational programmes
    • using hydrogen in energy, transport, infrastructure, and industry
    • taking action to create optimal conditions for activities in the field of hydrogen economy

    The capital of the region is the city of Rzeszów, which is also the centre of the Subcarpathian Hydrogen Valley. However, activities are much more dispersed, e.g. in Nowa Sarzyna, Krosno, Sanok, as well as cooperation with other regions and companies of national and international scope. The Subcarpathian Hydrogen Valley is seen as a cross-border initiative with a high potential for possible cooperation with hydrogen economies in Slovakia, Ukraine and other EU countries. The Subcarpathian Hydrogen Valley is expected to create the role of a node of an international hydrogen network for the Central and Eastern European economy, which will act as both a cross-border connection and dissemination of hydrogen technologies.


    Innovation Regional Strategy of the Subcarpathian Voivodeship for 2021-2030 sets out the directions of regional policy carried out by the Voivodeship Self-Government, in areas related to the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in the region. These include:

    • Aviation and space technology
    • Automotive
    • Quality of life
    • Information and telecommunications

    The Subcarpathian Hydrogen Valley concept fits into European, national and regional plans strategies and meets the current needs of the international economy. The project objectives coincide both with the Hydrogen Strategy of Poland and the Subcarpathian Voivodeship Strategy.

    Among the entities focused in the Valley are institutions interested in the production, distribution and use of hydrogen. Key users of hydrogen within the Subcarpathian Hydrogen Valley will be power and heat generation plants and public transport companies. In the area of research and development, many institutions are interested in cooperation with regards to the development of electrolysis technology and the use of hydrogen cells in aviation. Parallel to industry and R&D processes, educational programmes in higher education related to the use of hydrogen technology are being prepared.