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    In the Norwegian town of Heroya, the hydrogen company NEL has launched the world's first fully automated electrolyser factory. Its owners announce that by 2025 production of green hydrogen will become cheaper and will cost as much as production of hydrogen from natural gas. Among the company's customers are Polish companies.

    Currently, the production of green hydrogen, which is completely emission-free, is expensive, which deters many companies, so the Norwegians' goal is to produce hydrogen for less than $1.5 per kilogram from 2025. This will require a reduction in the present capital expenditure to produce it to 25 % of current levels.

    Half of the savings we need to achieve will come from scaling up and increasing production efficiency. The remainder will result from economies of scale and effective cooperation with industrial partners

    ," announced Jon André Løkke, NEL's CEO

    -Meeting the target would bring the price of green hydrogen on par with most fossil fuels, which would be one of the most important developments in the move towards climate neutrality, Løkke added.

    The Norwegian plant stands out from other companies of this type in that it is fully automated. It is the first plant in the world to manufacture electrolysis equipment with complete automation. These devices are crucial for the generation of “green hydrogen” With electrolysers, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen.

    NEL is seeking to industrialise its PEM technology, i. e. proton exchange membrane electrolyser in the USA. The company also develops very dynamically ideas for electrolysers with an output of up to 800 MW and greater.

    The Norwegians are proud of this innovative company on Heroya Island. At the opening ceremony, the Norwegian Minister of Oil and Energy Terje Lien Aasland stressed that the electrolysers manufactured there, will be marked “Made in Norway”

    - Norway has a competitive and competent industrial environment which can contribute to the development of hydrogen technology. “Not only on Heroya Island”, the Minister added.

    As of today, the plant has a production capacity of 500 MW, and continued development could result in an increase of up to 2 GW. The company is setting the bar high and aims to reach a total of 10 GW of production capacity by 2025.

    - We are excited to enter another country in Europe with our H2Station fuel solutions. We see attractive market opportunities in Poland and are proud that ZE PAK, which is a leading energy company in Poland with interesting plans to build a green hydrogen value chain, has chosen our fuel solutions," said Jens Egholt, general manager of NEL's international sales, at the time.

    Polish companies are also sourcing from the world leader in the design and manufacture of hydrogen solutions. In 2021, the first order for a hydrogen fuel station in Poland was placed by the ZE PAK energy group. Its value amounts to EUR 3.2 million.

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    Cooperation with Nel, a world leader in hydrogen solutions, is particularly important for us, as it will allow the best and highest quality fuel solutions to be introduced in Poland

    added Zygmunt Artwik, Vice President of the Management Board of ZE PAK SA

    Biproraf, a company belonging to the Gdańsk-based ASE Technology Group, has also placed an order for a H2Station hydrogen fuel station. It will be used in our country to power light and truck vehicles and forklifts. The hydrogen filling station will consist of one station module and two dispensers. Time of filling up a passenger vehicle will be less than five minutes, and less than twenty minutes for a truck vehicle.

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