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    Blue hydrogen - Germany updates hydrogen strategy
    An update to Germany's hydrogen strategy outlines plans to import the element from Denmark and Norway, while securing hydrogen production out of the blue. In addition, the hydrogen strategy assumes (more...)
    Hydrogen - basic information
    Hydrogen is an odourless, colourless and tasteless gas, considerably lighter than air, with the highest thermal conductivity of any gas. This makes its calorific energy very high and its use (more...)
    138 signatories of hydrogen agreement
    On 14 October 2021, representatives of the Ministry of Climate and Environment, the Ministry of Finance, representatives of state-owned companies, scientific communities and private companies signed (more...)
    Hydrogen - social reception - safe like hydrogen
    When the first steam-powered vehicles appeared on the streets of Great Britain in the 19th century, a speed limit of 3 km/h per hour was introduced and each vehicle was to be preceded by a man with a (more...)
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