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    Hydrogen in heating industry
    Hydrogen can play an important role in the transformation of the energy industry, including heating. The European Union's strategy sets out a clear direction: The Old Continent is to achieve complete (more...)
    Polish hydrogen cell - what are the perspectives?
    One of the most promising areas for the use of hydrogen is in transport. Existing solutions, such as battery technology, have their limitations, especially in the case of heavy transport, (more...)
    Hydrogen - an ecological and economical
    The initial phase of implementing a modern technology is usually associated with quite significant costs due to the lack of instruments to scale the innovation. However, according to analyses of the (more...)
    Are we at the threshold of Polish innovation in the automotive sector?
    For the time being, companies active in the field of hydrogen technology development in Poland are dominated by large players with international ambitions, such as PKN Orlen or Pesa Bydgoszcz. (more...)
    Hydrogen in paste, coating or underground?
    One of the challenges to the wider use of hydrogen in industry and transport is its storage. As the world's smallest molecule, hydrogen easily passes through traditional composite tanks, the use of (more...)
    Via pipeline, by truck or frozen? How to transport hydrogen
    The energy transition towards a hydrogen-based economy requires the creation of an entire logistics chain. From hydrogen production - ultimately from renewable energy sources - to distribution. (more...)
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